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We offer:

No duty days, cleaning days, bingos or casinos
No mandatory fundraising

At Little Hands Learning Preschool we promote learning through play as we believe children learn best first hand by doing,  seeing,  feeling and hearing the objects, people,  and events in their environment.  We feel that we have created an atmosphere of warmth,  and security where children feel perfectly at ease doing what they do best,  PLAY!

253 Woodvale Road West Northwest

Edmonton, AB, Canada

(780) 974-7641

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Child directed centers

Thematic lesson plans
Weekly crafts
Weekly printing and journaling
Music -instruments and singing
Physical activity
Show and share
Field trips
In class field trips
Hatching chicks and butterflies
Planting seeds to watch them grow
Exploring nature's wonders through aquariums and bug cages
Celebrations-family included
Book club
Year end take home memory books for each student