Important Dates

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 Important Dates for the 2023– 2024 School Year 

 Monday, September 11th - First day of classes 

 Monday, October  9th : Thanksgiving – NO SCHOOL                                           Friday, October  20th - PD Day NO SCHOOL                                           Monday and Tuesday, October 30th & 31st  : Halloween Parties         

 November 9th – 14th - Fall Break  NO SCHOOL                                                December 21st  and 22nd   : Christmas Parties                                                  December 25th - Jan 5th  : Winter Break – NO SCHOOL                        January 8th  & 9th – Pajama and movie day                                             Wednesday, January 31st  – PD Day – NO SCHOOL                                         February 13th and 14th : Valentine’s Day Parties                                          February 19th and 20th : PD day and Family Day – NO SCHOOL                          February 29th & March 1st : Teachers Convention – NO SCHOOL                       March 21st and 22nd: Easter Parties 

 March 25th - March 29st  : Spring Break – NO SCHOOL                                       April 1st : Easter Monday  – NO SCHOOL   

 April 26th - PD Day NO SCHOOL       

May 9th and 10th : Mother's Day Tea Party                                                    May 20th  - 22nd   : Victoria Day Weekend – NO SCHOOL                             June 17th and 18th : Year End Parties/Graduation  – Families welcomed